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Fishing at Buzzards Valley

  • Adam with a 35.5lb catch from the Vineyard Lake
    Adam with a 35.5lb catch from the Vineyard Lake

Buzzards Valley has six beautiful long-established fishing lakes, set in amongst lush woods, rolling Midland countryside, and, of course, the Buzzards Valley vineyards. There’s something for every level of ability and competitiveness here—check out the Lake overview below—and a friendly community of fellow anglers to share your experience with.

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On Arrival

Visitors that arrive after 10am must sign in at the shop. If the gates are locked, please park your car and continue on through the side gate. For anglers arriving after 4pm, please notify a member of staff or phone prior to arrival.

Note that takeout food can be ordered off the bank at 10am. We take club bookings however large or small.


Rod prices are £6 for one, £10 for two. Our other specimen lake is Kestral fish size up to 18lb no more than 2 rods per person Day ticket £10.00,12hour night ticket £15.00, 24 hour ticket £20.00 The Vineyard Lake is Specimen Fish up to 30lb plus,members only membership is £50.00 Then a day ticket is £10.00 a 12 hour night ticket is £15.00 and a 24 hour ticket is £20.00.

Lake Overview

Lake Description
Vineyard New for specimen Lake for 2015 full of magnificent carp specimens see facebook Buzzards Valley Fisheries or ring Indie 07792 064811 members only £50.00 then £10.00 for day ticket one night ticket = 12 hours £15.00 then a 24hour Ticket £20.00
Kestral Holding the larges specimens, you’ll find fish such as Ghost Carp weighing up to nearly 15 pounds plus.
Hawk Long and narrow, this lake holds our Tench, Bream, Chubb and Barble.
Osprey This our match pool with an island, 44 pegs and a variety of fish such as 10lb Carp, Roach, Perch, Crusian Carp and Gudgeon.
Eagle With a mixed variety of Silver fish, this lake is perfect for beginners and has 22 pegs.
Pheasant With an oval shape, the Pheasant lake lies beneath rustic British woodland hosting Crusian Carp, Perch and Roach.

How to book

Please ring Indie on 07792 064811.

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