History of the lakes

Beginning in 2006...

With planning permission already passed, we marked out and started digging. Realising the lakes would be founded on bolder clay,we knew sealing wouldn't be a problem.
Set at the foot of the vineyard and restocked several times throughout the year, we've been welcoming anglers since 2008.

The precast concrete pegs used were originally part of a railway found when the lakes were dug out, these are ideal because they keep you level and don't rot.

With six lakes, browse our guide below to see which suits you.

Hawk Lake

With the planning under-way, we moved onto the Hawk Lake.
By this time the weather turned and rain was filling up the dig.

Forced to split the lake in two, we invested in a 20 ton dumper to relocate the clay from one end of the valley to the other.

Long and narrow, this lake holds our Tench, Bream, Chubb and Barble.

Kestrel Lake

Being a specimen lake, to accommodate the lake the valley's side had to be dug out, relocating clay to level off the area. Only when the lake was filled could we then check if the levels were correct and fit the overflows.

To stop water eroding the banks, pipes are fitted throughout every lake with drainage pipes coming off the lane to help feed the lakes in dry periods.

Netted in 2015, the lake now holds specimen carp up to 18lb

Eagle Lake

With 22 pegs , the Eagle pool is our third lake. Stocked with Silver fish, the pool is ideal for beginners.

Osprey Lake

Our forth, Osprey Lake is our match pool with an island, 44 pegs and a variety of fish such as Roach, Perch, Crusian Carp, Gudgeon and 10lb Carp.

After the diggers left, the rough ground had to be broken down into fine tilth for grass growing.

Using the tractor and power harrow to the spread and cover the seeds, a special mix of grass, clovers, borage (for the bees) and wild flower were used.

Pheasant Lake

With an oval shape, the Pheasant lake lies beneath rustic British woodland hosting Crusian Carp, Perch and Roach.