Rules of the Rod

Rules, Reguations and General Rules

  • Anglers must reel in if they leave their peg.
  • A current EA license is required (anglers over 12 year old).
  • All fish caught are to be returned and landed by a landing net.
  • All under 16's must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • All anglers must keep to footpaths provided.
  • No Alcohol is allowed on site.
  • Please report any cases of injury to a fish or wildlife to a member of staff.
  • We would ask all anglers to take rubbish home or place into the wheelie bins dotted around fishery or at both car parks.
  • No littering.
  • Disinfectants/Dip tanks are at the bottom of the parking area and are not to be mistaken for litter bins.
  • All nets, mats, weigh slings; anything that comes into contact with the fish must be dipped into the chemical dip tank.

Tackle and equipment

  • Each angler must have suitably balanced tackle, unhooking mat, landing net and disgorger at all times.

All Lake Rules

  • Maximum of two rods per person.
  • No braided line.
  • Barbless hooks only.
  • Minimum main line of 8lb on carp lakes.
  • Minimum main line of 3lb on all other fishing lakes.
  • All fish must be returned using a net.
  • When returning the fish to the water in a net please allow enough time for the fish to recover before releasing it.
  • You must carry and use a good quality barrel type disgorger.
  • Do not pull a deep hook free – in most cases this will be fatal to the fish.
  • Anglers must reel in if they leave their peg.

Handling, weighing & photography

  • Hold the underneath of the net to hold fish to disgorge.
  • If it is necessary to hold fish, use wet hands ( never a dry towel).
  • If photographs are being taken – Hold the fish low over a soft padded prewetted unhooking mat.
  • Fish should be held low to the ground over an unhooking mat.
  • Fish must be weighed only in a WET sling, knotless weigh bags or 'purses'.

Bait restrictions

  • We have a liberal policy on bait's and methods, however the following are not allowed:
  • No tinned Cat or Dog meat, Cat or Dog complete.
  • No floating baits.
  • No nut based baits.
  • No joker.
  • No artificial or plastic baits.
  • No blood worm.
  • Sweet corn, Hemp, Luncheon meat, Bread and ground bait in moderation only.

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