The Buzzards Valley Shop

The Buzzards Valley shop is a trove of special treasures for you and for your family and friends. In a world full of identikit shopping centres and anonymous Internet outlets, we offer something genuinely distinctive. Visit us and find food, drink, gifts, and goodies of all kinds—focusing on the fresh, the unique, the locally sourced, and the highest quality. Of course, we sell our own wines and vodkas and gins and other produce; but we also search throughout the region and the country for the very best Britain has to offer.

Open all year round

chocolatesWhatever changes the seasons bring to the land, the Buzzards Valley shop is always there to select and pass on its fruits. Fresh produce means seasonal produce, plus the finest preserves. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm.

The perfect place to find a special gift for a special person

These days, when you are buying for people you care about, it’s harder and harder to find something that does justice to how you feel about them. The Buzzards Valley shop carries so many unusual and delightful gift items that you’re sure to find something that not only expresses your affection in a special way, but is of the highest quality for all members of the family.

In-store tastings and sampling

shortbreadOne of the many advantages Buzzards Valley shop has over more conventional mall and high-street outlets is that our staff can deal with your needs personally, giving you expert advice and letting you try before you buy. We have scheduled tastings, which we promote on our Facebook page but you can also arrange to sample the wares on an ad hoc basis.

Ever-improving choice

ciderOnce you’ve visited the shop, you’ll want to come back. And one of the best reasons to keep coming back is that we are always updating our stock with our newest finds.